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1.Product introduction

WisAP-MT7628 includes a high performance cpu and high speed USB2.0 interface,it support IEEE 802.11n protocol .And you can use it as a simple router after burn openwrt.The module can compatible Arduino development board,so it’s very suitable for developers.Join the IOT family and enjoy it ! WisAP Jumper C_TX — RXD and C_RX — TXD,the CON1 as Debug port.
Jumper RX1 — C_TX and TX1 — C_RX,the CON1 as pass-through port.

Name Silk printing Description
MT7628 Development Board \ Integrated hardware and software
Micro-USB CON1 Debug(URT0)
Button SW1 GPIO38
WAN CON5 Wide Area Network Interface(RJ45)
LAN CON4 Local Area Network Interface(RJ45)
Power CON3 9V、12V
SD Card J2 External Storage card
USB Host CON2 USB Disk
WIFI \ WIFI Antenna
I2S P2 I2S
I2C P2 I2C
Pin19 2_RST CIe device reset
Pin20 7_GPIO7 Reference clock output
Pin21 7_RST 10/100 PHY Port#3 TXOP3
Pin22 7_NINT 10/100 PHY Port#2 RXIP2
Pin23 2_NINT 10/100 PHY Port#1 RXIN1
Pin24 I2C_SDA I2C data
Pin25 I2C_CLK I2C clock
Pin26 I2S_CLK I2S clock
Pin27 I2S_WS I2S word select
Pin28 I2S_SDO I2S data output
Pin29 I2S_SDI I2S data input
Pin30 3V3 VDD33
Pin31 3V3 VDD33


Pin No NAME Description
2 RXD1
3 LINK2 10/100M PHY Port#2 activity LED,JTAG_TMS
4 \ \
5 LINK3 10/100M PHY Port#2 activity LED,JTAG_CLK
9 LINK4 10/100M PHY Port#2 activity LED,JTAG_TRST_N
10 \ \
11 SPI_CS SPI chip select 1
12 MOSI SPI master input/slave output
13 MISO SPI master output/slave input
14 SPI_CLK SPI clock

2.Quick Start Demonstrate

This module can be used on the power,The default SSID is WisAP,No password.You can use the module as a regular router.

2.1 Enter Debug Mode

1.Setting jumpers short C_RX — TX0 and C_TX — RX0. WisAP

2.Through the CON1 port and the computer module to connect up, open the terminal on the computer tools (such as SecureCRT), set the baud rate of 57600, the specific settings as shown below: WisAP

3.Then the module power, in the terminal tool will print module initialization information, shortly after the module will start to complete, resulting in a wireless network called WisAP, the initial information as shown below: WisAP

4.At this point, press the Enter key on the computer you can enter the module system, where you can set the parameters of the module. WisAP

2.2 Change wifi configure

1.Into the module Debug mode, it is equivalent to enter the Wisdows system command prompt inside, where you can send Liunx command to set the module, where to send “ vi etc/config/wireless ”,Go to the Modify Module Parameters page. WisAP

2.Then in the configuration interface, enter “i”, enter the edit mode and then you can modify the parameters of the module.

option disabled __  1: disable wifi; 0: enable wifi 
option encryption  __   none: disable encryption ;you can change to WPA2_PSK or other.
option key  __      set wifi password

3.If you modify the complete, you can click ESC to exit the edit mode on the keyboard, and then type “:wq” can save the configuration and then exit the configuration page.

4.Finally, restart the module, the module will run the modified parameters.

2.3 Write firmware

1.The steps to write the firmware and enter the Debug mode is the same, need to be the module's Debug serial port and the computer's serial port to connect.

2.Through the twisted pair to the module's LAN port and the computer together, the module's WAN port and network port together. WisAP

3.Open the computer Tftpd tool, select the firmware address, and then find the firmware, click Copy. And then in the Server interfaces box, select the suffix has Realtek words to establish Tftp Sever. WisAP

4.At this point the module power, The terminal tool prints the following information: WisAP

5.Then You need to enter “2” quickly and the module will return “2: System Load Linux Kernel then write to Flash via TFTP. Warning !! Erase Linux in Flash then burn new one. Are you sure? (Y / N)”. Enter “y” at this time.Then you will be prompted to enter the IP address of the device, you can view the computer network information, gateway entry is the module IP, enter the complete and click Enter. Will be prompted to enter the server's IP, the IP address is the computer's IP address. Enter the keyboard and click Enter. WsiAP

6.The module will then automatically download the firmware from the server. If this process occurs “TTTTTT”. It indicates that writing to the firmware failed. Then you need to repeat the above steps to re-write the firmware. WisAP

7.If this process occurs “#####”. It means that the firmware is being written, just wait for the firmware to write successfully. After the firmware is successfully written, the module will restart automatically. WisAP

3.Data download

Use manual

PCB File

4.Where to Buy

If you want to buy our products, please go to our store: RAK Taobao Store

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